All of our services are very affordable and our advice is always free!

Here is some information about the great veterinary services offered at Rosswell Animal Hospital.

Vaccinations / Examinations

Vaccinations are a valuable preventive measure against infectious diseases and can prevent potential pain and hardship for your pet and yourself. You should consider the cost difference between having your pet vaccinated versus the potential cost of care in the event of disease. Vaccines not only give you peace of mind – but may also save you money.

Our physical exams can tell us a great deal about a pet’s health. Yearly blood testing and urinalysis can help us determine your pet’s overall health. This is especially important for senior pets or animals undergoing anesthetic.


A tiny microchip is painlessly injected under the loose skin between your pet’s shoulder blades and a unique identification number with important information about you and your pet is entered into the National Pet Registry.

If your pet is lost, the microchip I.D. number can be read by scanners at animal shelters across Canada. When a chip is detected, a recovery service will identify you as the rightful owner and you will be contacted immediately. 

Routine Surgeries

Spaying, Neutering: 
Your pet can benefit by getting neutered or spayed. Research shows dogs and cats that have gotten neutered or spayed experience a lower rate of mammary and genital organ cancers and infection. Please call or email for an estimate.

Pet Diagnostics

Because of our great experience we can diagnose most injuries and illnesses easily. Diagnosing issues that might pose a problem in the future or even today can be tested and evaluated properly – don’t wait, book an appointment today!

Pet Dentistry

If your pet is showing signs of needing dental care, such as bad breath, red gums, excessive salivation, lack of energy and pain when eating – call us! Even without signs, we strongly recommend dental care as a preventative healthcare measure, which contributes to your pet’s long, happy life.

Please be advised that our services and pricing may change are subject to change without notice.

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