About Us

Meet the Team At Rosswell Animal Hospital

Dr. Samina Kausar is a skilled veterinarian who is dedicated to the safety and health of your pet! Whether your pet requires diagnostics to understand an injury or an illness or needs a routine checkup, you can count on the dedicated team at Rosswell to ensure the highest level of care.

happy dog at the vet

What We Do

We offer many great veterinary services, such as:

•  Examination/Vaccination 
•  Routine Surgeries 
•  Microchipping 
•  Diagnostic Services 
•  Pain Management
•  Pet Dentistry
•  And More!

Please contact us for any information you require on the above services.

Dr. Kausar, Rosswell Animal Hospital

Dr. Samina Kausar

Animal Hospital Staff Member

Carina Bruinsma
Veterinarian Assistant

Animal Hospital Staff Member, Rosswell Animal Hospital

Jennifer Hardy
Practice Manager/Assistant

Cat on Counter, Rosswell Animal Hospital

Customer Relations